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About NFC

We believe that the appropriate family or a community of friends can provide an ideal environment where someone such as Yasmin can thrive. Our selected hosts throughout England and Wales are ready and trained to look after people like her. They are able to provide fellowship, nurturing and encouragement. However, family life has its ups and downs, so it’s vital the hosts have a network around them, in the local community who could offer support and help to their guest. A case worker is allocated in order to assist where necessary to ensure that the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs of each guest are met. They also work alongside statutory authorities and other agencies as appropriate.


We accept referrals from professionals and partner organisations.We trust that a person placed in our care will feel secure, and grow in their new environment until they are ready and able to move on to establish a new life.


As family we can share in ‘offering new beginnings for those seeking freedom from fear’.

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Registered Charity Number: 1169601